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BB Abbey St. Martin Brune Beer 8% - 330ml

BB Abbey St. Martin Brune Beer 8% - 330ml

SKU: 5411065403326

€3.95 Organic |Vegan BCRS refundable 10c included


Best Before February 2024 but still awesome!

  • Further Information

    • The look:Dark and strong mahogany colour. Light head that remains for an average time.
    • The smell:First a dairy and cheese-like aroma. Then, coffee and roasted coffee beans. A touch of warm brown sugar, cane sugar and rum.
    • The taste:The mouth closely follows the nose, the roasted coffee, the grill. The caramel is just right without being too much. Then there is a lovely freshness that balances the whole but attention this is a beer for with a meal or for tasting.
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