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BT Ging'r & Carrot_Premium ginger-carrot drink - 250ml

BT Ging'r & Carrot_Premium ginger-carrot drink - 250ml

SKU: 8719153043735
6.30 Organic | Gluten-Free | Vegan
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    Product description

    Boost your immune system with BioToday Ginger! This premium ginger-based drink is a source of  antioxidants and consists of freshly squeezed ginger juice. In addition, this drink is free of artificial
    aromas, colours and flavourings.

    Boost your immune system by taking a shot in the morning or mix with hot water for a tasty ginger tea or
    with sparkling water for a trendy mix! This Ginger is very concentrated so you can mix many servings. The possibilities are endless!



    carrot juice* 42%, ginger juice* 28%, lemon juice*, rice syrup*.


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