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JG Turmeric GROUND DOYPACK - 225g

JG Turmeric GROUND DOYPACK - 225g

SKU: 3760162881653
€10.50 | Organic | Fairtrade
  • Enhance your Culinary Adventure!

    Sometimes called "Indian saffron," turmeric is a rhizome, a cousin of ginger, dried and powdered. Very dye, turmeric will brighten up with its sweet flavor your spice blends, or starchy vegetables.

    The allopey variety chosen for our Turmeric is the richest in antioxidant properties to curcumin, aromatic and dye. Turmeric powder Terra Madre, fair trade, comes from associations of small producers in India and Sri Lanka.

    Tint your dishes or your textile a beautiful golden yellow color!


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