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Lamazuna - Nail file - Natural Stone

Lamazuna - Nail file - Natural Stone

SKU: 3760201132739

€15.30 Zero waste | Vegan | Natural | Without Sulfates | Not Tested on Animals | PETA Approved | Sustainable.



Begin by filing your nails from the sides to the centre, to achieve the shape you want. Do one side at a time, making sure you don't use a back-and-forth motion, as this can weaken the nails. Finish by smoothing out the tip of the nail.  



A natural nail file with two different surface textures:

One side with a smooth finish, obtained by polishing with water and an abrasive band. This side is engraved with our logo.

One side that's more abrasive, to file nails into shape, obtained by polishing the nail file in a moving tank filled with water and gravel. 


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