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Lamazuna Shampoo Solid (anti-lice)  - Kids 70ml
  • Lamazuna Shampoo Solid (anti-lice) - Kids 70ml

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    €9.90Zero waste, Vegan, Natural, Without Sulfates, Not Tested on Animals, PETA Approved, Sustainable.
    • Further Information

      Happy head solid shampoo for kids

      It happens all the time... Kids go back to school and the infestations begin!

      But it can be difficult to find a natural, zero-waste solution to keep pesky little creatures away...

      Now, at last, there is one! This children’s shampoo can be used to help stop troublesome critters in their tracks.

      We’ve included organic lavandin grosso and tea tree essential oils, known for their anti-parasitic and insect- repellent properties, and neem powder, which is reported to inhibit the growth and development of larvae. This shampoo is suitable for everyday use, and children would definitely rather use it than a harsh, unpleasant, uncomfortable treatment!

      So when infestations are around, it will come in very handy!


      How to use it

      Wet your hair, then the shampoo, and rub it over your scalp to produce a light lather.

      Leave on for 3 minutes, then rinse off. Keep the shampoo as dry as possible between uses.

      Precautions and storage: Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not ingest.

      Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Contains essential oils, not recommended for pregnant women.


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