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Lamazuna Shampoo Solid - Sensitive Scalp 70ml
  • Lamazuna Shampoo Solid - Sensitive Scalp 70ml

    SKU: 3760345480772
    Zero waste, Vegan, Natural, Without Sulfates, Not Tested on Animals, PETA Approved, Sustainable.
    • Further Information

      Solid shampoo for sensitive scalp with peony powder

      If you want a shampoo that soothes and pampers the scalp, this is it!

      A winning combo of chaulmoogra oil and peony powder fights dandruff and calms irritated, damaged and flaking skin.

      We chose to add some French lavandin grosso essential oil to relieve itching, as well as Atlas cedar essential oil, which relaxes and comforts. They also give this shampoo a lovely fresh, green scent that fills your shower!

      Our shampoo family is growing! Now we have even more solutions so we can meet the needs of all hair types, with shampoos that produce a generous lather and are incredibly easy to use.


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