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OUN Rhubarb Sparkling Drink ORGANIC - 330ml
  • OUN Rhubarb Sparkling Drink ORGANIC - 330ml

    SKU: 4744317010845
    €2.75  Organic, Vegan, No PreservativesBCRS refundable 10c included
    • Further Information

      Once rhubarb is ready to eat, it is a clear sign that summer has arrived. This is the time to enjoy it – as a sour crunchy snack fresh from the garden or inside a golden cake baked in the oven. Sounds good, doesn’t it! If you now have a longing for summer and some rhubarb, you will experience these emotions with our Rhubarb Sparkling Drink.  Totally refreshing!

      No preservatives, oganic, vegan, no artificial flavours or colours. GMO-free.


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