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SMKT Espresso Sicilia - 100% Arabica BEANS 500g
  • SMKT Espresso Sicilia - 100% Arabica BEANS 500g

    SKU: 8719153030155
    €12.95 Organic Vegan
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      Product description

      Tastes Espresso Sicilia is composed of 100% Arabica beans from Sumatra, Java & Honduras. It is a full-bodied and fragrant espresso with a beautiful aroma and light shades of nuts and dark chocolate, with light floral and jasmine notes in the aftertaste.

      ✓ Organic ✓ UTZ certified ✓ Wet process production method; the fruit around the bean is removed before the bean is dried. ✓ Very suitable for fully and semi-automatic machines ✓ BioBased foil packaging ✓ Suitable for: Espresso or lungo ✓ Burning height: Medium Dark Roast ✓ For 60 cups of coffee


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