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A lovely green conscious business set up to offer the best
ORGANIC, FAIRTRADE, VEGAN & ETHICAL products. We raise awareness through our work of love.

Our Story

Natalie has been an active member of NGOs promoting environmental, social justice and youth policy for over 20 years.  Coming from a farming family, with a heart beating for all that is natural, authentic, sustainable and fair, it was a natural course of life to start up the business in May 2011.


Still, like all worthwhile things in life, synchronicity played its part!  In April 2011, Aldo and Natalie, avid tango dancers were visiting Nijmegen, The Netherlands to participate in Doble Ocho, an Argentine tango festival.  Tango is their passion and describe it as a language they choose to express themselves across cultures and beliefs.  Lessons with the maestros were back to back, full concentration and dedication left them needing a good snack.  They rushed out of the hall for a 10 minute break.  They spotted a shop sign which appealed to them straight away 'The Green Shop'.  Straight in, one scan of the products and  a packet of sun-dried bananas caught their attention.  It was organic and fairtrade , values very familiar and important for them.  Rushing out, opening the packet to grab a few bites and....Natalie had to stop.  The aroma of the bogoya bananas was so intense that she had to pause, take it a full breath and savour the taste.  It exploded with nuances of caramel, vanilla and sun.  Never imagined a packet of bananas can taste so good.  The rest, as they say, is history.

Tropical wholefoods banana bogoya slices

When back in Malta, I wrote to the producer on the back of the packet which I kept.  Rachel Gurak of Tropical Wholefoods UK was so welcoming with such top notch communication and efficiency that I was immediately made to feel comfortable although I had no previous business experience.  I had earned some money from a eco event I organised thanks to Peppi Gauci of The Permaculture Foundation in Malta and that was what I invested in my first order. We launched at Earth Garden, the most popular music festival in Malta in June 2011.

Year by year, CORE GREEN grew based on a very clear set of underpinning values: organic + fairtrade values.

So this is where we're at....

We are a conscious, green micro-business based in Malta, Europe, working to promote a healthier lifestyle, connection with the earth and the community.  We strive to leave a positive impact on whatever we are in contact with and we are committed to work for and promote a healthy and sustainable future.  We work ethically and only with other companies that pledge to work ethically for the benefit of all. 

The director, Natalie Debono, has been an environmental and a human rights activist for over 15 years, holding different positions in local and international green organisations. She is the initiator and coordinator of the platform Green Drinks Malta and a founding member of the Clean Food Movement and a board director in Friends of the Earth Malta.


In our ecoFOOD section, we engage in the wholesale & retail side of business with the selling of Organic and Fairtrade Products.


In the ecoCLEAN section we promote and sell plant based cleaners, both household and body care which are free from toxins. We also retail a fantastic brand of organic & fairtrade bodycare - Dr Bronner's.


We enjoy organising events to raise green consciousness about the necessity of both fairtrade and organic issues for a more wholesome existence. We provide the service of the organisation from A to Z of ecoEVENTS to those entities who wish to green their companies and organisations in a meaningful and profound way. Get in touch so we can give you a hand  with innovative ideas and essentially green ones to make sure that your event is splendidly SOLE: sustainable/organic/local/ethical. Core Green brings several aspects of organisation into consonance to relate harmoniously, providing you with the assurance that your event will truly special. CORE GREEN is very experienced with the organisation of ecoEVENTS and has been organising since 2000. 


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