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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your return policy?

Returns are accepted if contacted within the first three days after purchase.  Product must not be opened if not wanted.  It will be accepted also if opened but the product has not maintained its quality.  A credit note will be offered.

Items bought by weight are not returnable so kindly store properly to avoid contamination or pests.


For RETAILERS: If the pre-packaged products are well displayed and shifted to be given exposure especially close to BB dates, then returns are accepted.


CHOCOLATE IS NOT RETURNABLE. Best if it is kept in a 16 - 20 deg ambient temperature. We are striving to continue greening the company and reduce waste. Thanks for understanding!

Do you offer gift vouchers?

Yes!  We are happy to issue a gift voucher.  Let us know who you wish to address it too and we can personalise the voucher and send by email.

What are the payment options?

We accept payment by cash, cheque, bank transfer, card or Revolut.

Care Packs & Gift Hampers?

We are happy to organise packs for you of high-quality foods, beverages & personal care for your family, friends and colleagues! Get in touch | 79603455 and let us help you organise a memorable & ethical gift. 

How to negatived our site?

To negatived our site in the search write the following to find specif brand products: 

  • BT = BioToday

  • ZTR = Zotter

  • LTC = London Tea 

  • TW = Tropical Wholefoods

  • EFP = Earth Friendly Products 

  • SW = Stellar Winery

  • DB = Dr.Bronner

  • LC = LoofCO

  • FW = Fidora Winery

  • WAFT = Waft

  • ROF = Raw Organic Foods


  • La Vida = La Vida 

  • CSN = Consenza

  • HP = Hydrophil

  • CD = Cafe Direct

  • CHI = CHI

  • AM = Aqua Monaco

  • BRF = Berief

  • Lamazuna = Lamazuna

  • FAIR = Fair

  • EM = Eco Max

  • EQ = EQ Love

  • CO = Cantina Orsogna 

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