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BB Brunehaut Saison Beer 4.5% - 330ml
  • BB Brunehaut Saison Beer 4.5% - 330ml

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    €3.25 Organic |Vegan | Gluten-FreeBCRS refundable 10c included
    • Further Information

      The Beer

      When Marc-Antoine De Mees became the new owner of Brasserie de Brunehaut in 2007, he decided to launch a range of organic beers – to be followed by gluten-free beers a few years later – to be marketed under the name of Brunehaut. The range is an addition to the traditional Saint-Martin abbey beers, for which the brewery had been known. These organic beers are brewed with natural ingredients that include locally farmed organic barley, malted in line with the brewer’s specifications. Brunehaut Saison completes the ranks of the other organic and gluten-free beers: Brunehaut Blanche, Brunehaut Blonde, Brunehaut Triple and Brunehaut Ambrée. Saison is a traditional farm beer from the Tournai-Mons area. It is a light, slightly tart, zesty and fruity beer. Under the law brewers were only allowed to brew saison until 29 March to prevent contamination from unwanted wild yeasts. Nowadays saisons can be produced throughout the year. The oldest sources date from the 17th century and refer to a spelt beer. Brunehaut Saison has a fine collar of froth thanks to its re-fermentation in the bottle. The aroma is fruity and the hop clearly makes its presence felt.


      4.5% ABV


      Brunehaut Saison is a top-fermented beer that re-ferments in the bottle.


      Brunehaut Saison is brewed with water, yeast, malt and organically grown hop.

      Colour & Transparency

      The unfiltered saison takes on a golden-yellow colour in the glass underneath a firm, creamy, snowy-white collar.

      Serving Temperature

      5°C / 41°F


      Character, Tastes & Aromas

      This saison is characterised by its fruity, slightly malty aromas. The beer tastes full in the mouth with malty impressions and a restrained but lingering bitterness. A true thirst-quencher.


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