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BC BEETROOT Hot Chocolate - 250g

BC BEETROOT Hot Chocolate - 250g

SKU: 4016600114180
€8.90 Organic | Fairtrade | Glutenfree | Vegan
  • Discover More Chocolatey Facts!

    BEET me up! Hot Chocolate with beetroot

    Two real superfoods combined: Cocoa and beet

    • Chocolate with spices

    The new BEET me up! variety is pure zeitgeist and combines two superfoods - fine cocoa and beetroot. Top cocoa with an unusual spice blend of mustard, allspice, juniper berries and cloves. Pink in the glass, this zestful composition ensures good humor and variety.

    It reminds us a little of the Russian stew classic borscht and therefore works super as an ingredient in sweet and savory recipes.

    A nobleCocoa that puts you in a really good mood! A trendy cocoa composition.

    stir 20g (2 tsp) into 0.25l of foamed whole milk (max. 78 °C). Milk foam cap on top, delicious!
    Do not mix with water. Also suitable for preparation with almond, oat & soy milk.

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