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BC Criollo Hot Chocolate SACHET - 25g

BC Criollo Hot Chocolate SACHET - 25g

SKU: 4016600102064
€1.75 Organic | Fairtrade  | Glutenfree | Vegan
  • Discover More Chocolatey Facts!

    Criollo 100% Cocoa - Hot Chocolate, 25g

    without added sugar, 25g sachet

    • Roasted Aromas of: Cocoa
    • Chocolate strength/body: very chocolatey
    • plain pure chocolate without ingredients

    Criollo 100% pure cacao with no added sugar, lightly de-oiled from the best regions of Central America, refined without other ingredients. Dissolves in warm milk without boiling. 
    The Chocolate is suitable outstanding for baking or cooking. Why not thicken the strong sauce of a roast with a little cocoa. You'll be surprised how well it harmonizes!

    Invented for a single reason: "Everything else wasn't good enough for me !" Michael Beck, connoisseur

    Preparation: mix portion sachets of Becks cocoa in a glass with not too cold or warm milk and enjoy ! Delicious ! Alternatively enjoy with almond, oat, soy, coconut, spelt milk.

    Cocoa content: 100% Criollo bean.

    The Hot Chocolate is organic, vegan and gluten-free.

    The Beck's Cacao Criollo 100% pure cocoa bears the Fairtrade mark (95%).


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