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  • CO LUNARIA LUADDU Syrah 2022

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    €14.95 Organic, Vegan, Biodynamic
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      Sensory characteristics

      Lively ruby ​​red, plums, carob and cherries on the nose. In the mouth it is warm, rightly tannic, intense, with a finish of red fruit jam


      Grape variety

      Syrah 100% biodynamic Demeter grapes.


      Origin and history of the vine

      The Syrah vine originally comes from the city of Schiraz, in Persia, from which it appears to have arrived in our country in ancient times through the city of Syracuse. Widespread in France (Côte du Rhône) and in the new world, especially in the warmer wine regions, such as Australia, South Africa and California. In recent times, Syrah has spread to our country from France (around the mid-1800s) and has found its territory of choice in our warm regions (Sicily).


      Cultivation area

      Municipality of Salemi at 446 m above sea level where for millennia the vine and wine have been characterizing elements of the territory. The heart of the most vine-growing province in Italy (Trapani) offers the vine a unique territory in the world capable of transmitting inimitable characteristics and qualities to the fruit. The hilly territory and the properties of the calcareous or tufaceous soil combined with the climatic conditions create the ideal conditions for the cultivation of vines. Sicilian wines are called sun wines as the grapes are illuminated by the rays of a hot sun, typical of Sicily and, once vinified, they give life to full-bodied wines characterized by a distinguishable majesty.


      Spontaneous fermentation works with what nature offers every year and relies on the strength and health of the territory and the vineyard to obtain grapes rich in yeasts essential for fermentation in the cellar. The spontaneous fermentation of wines is the fundamental condition for creating a wine capable of restoring the authentic flavors of a territory.

      SULPHITES Demeter biodynamic wine limit = red wine max 70 mg/lt


      Service temperature



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