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CO Tomato Sauce Passata di Pomodoro a Pera D'Abruzzo - 500g
  • CO Tomato Sauce Passata di Pomodoro a Pera D'Abruzzo - 500g

    SKU: COPassata500g
    €5.95 Organic, Vegan, Biodynamic
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      Abruzzo Pear Tomato is included in Bio Cantina Orsogna’s local agricultural biodiversity conservation project: a prized variety, historically belonging to the Abruzzo region and thanks to the tireless and passion-filled work of Abruzzo growers, the seed of this tomato has been passed down between father and son and cultivated today.

      It is a tomato that at the Astadium of ripeness reaches a deep red color and offers an unmistakable and inimitable flavor on the palate. Abruzzo tradition dictates that farms harvest ripe tomatoes every late summer in order to “make bottles,” an Abruzzo expression to describe homemade bottled tomato preserves. Ripened tomatoes are harvested exclusively by hand and processed in a very short time. Only the experience and flexibility of family labor on small farms can preserve, cultivate and enhance the pear tomato, which cannot be mechanized and has very low production yields.


      The name of the Pear Tomato comes from its shape, which resembles, precisely, that of a pear. A prized variety typical of the Abruzzi region and a fruit that offers an unmistakable and inimitable flavor to the palate, it is very rich in lycopene, a carotenoid well known to offer a very valid anti-oxidant action, therefore very useful to ensure and help the proper functioning of our cells, to fight aging, to properly manage, through diet, any cardiovascular disease and so much more that this precious substance is able to do for our well-being.

      Pear Tomato is grown by the biodynamic member farms of Bio Cantina Orsogna according to Demeter certification standards that prohibit the use of fertilizers (including organics) and copper, and harvesting is by hand only.

      Disease prevention relies on the plant’s vegetative balance (low yields and no fertilizer use) and the plant’s adaptation to its growing area.


      VARIETY Oxheart or Abruzzo Pear.
      This Abruzzi variety is perfect because it has very few seeds and lots of pulp. In addition to the texture, the sweet and not too sour taste also makes it perfect for puree, pulp, or chunks.
      The unripe Pera d’Abruzzo tomato is also great for salads.


      FRUIT SHAPE Pear-shaped with obvious ribbing.


      COLOR AT HARVEST red collared with green.


      CONSUME fresh, chopped or pureed.
      The pulp, with very few seeds, is excellent for salads.


      HARVEST TIMES 90-120 days after transplanting.



      DIRECTIONS Excellent for dry pasta dishes, soups, bruschetta and as a perfect ingredient in the preparation of all dishes.

      INGREDIENTS pear tomatoes* grown in Abruzzo, salt.
      *from organic and biodynamic farming


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