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HP Toothbrush Mug Blue KIDS

HP Toothbrush Mug Blue KIDS

€5.90Made from liquid wood instead of fossil oil!  Recyclable.
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    The toothbrush mug is the perfect addition to your sustainable bathroom. Liquid Wood Toothbrush MugBy HydrophilFood-safe & BPA-free, liquid wood toothbrush mug. Made from Arboblend® liquid wood, an innovative new material made in Hamburg using a blend of cellulose, sugar cane, lignin and natural waxes.Made from sustainable materialsFood safe & BPA freeEasy to clean

    Due to the innovative material, which is processed in the injection moulding process, there can be occasional light grains on the cup. 

    How to use

    As a food-safe and stable companion, it shines not only in the bathroom. It can also be used as a drinking cup when camping or in the kitchen.


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