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JB Biobel Laundry Vinegar Cleaner - 1L

JB Biobel Laundry Vinegar Cleaner - 1L

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    Biobel's vinegar cleaner is a purely natural product, concentrated and with an acid content of 8%. Unlike chemical cleaners, the formula is mild while still cleaning effectively and leaving a beautiful shine.

    • Ideal for cleaning household surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom.
    • Makes stainless steel shine. For example, frying pans and taps.
    • Neutralises odours. Try the vinegar cleaner as an odour neutraliser in the washing machine and dishwasher or when mopping the floor.

    The vinegar cleaner can also be used to clean your air conditioner filter, to remove limescale deposits and to clean your clothes. This is the perfect all-rounder for your chemical-free cleaning cupboard.

    Directions for use:
    Depending on the surface to be cleaned and the degree of soiling, apply the vinegar cleaner undiluted or diluted with water

    Types of Products: Bathroom Cleaner
    Scents : Neutral Fragrance
    Brands: biobel
    Consistency: Liquid
    Certificates: ECOCERT
    Use for: Bathroom, Floor, Household Appliances, Clothing, Kitchen, Surfaces, Universal, Laundry, Toilet
    Features: Fragrance Free
    Effective: Against Bacteria, Against Stains, Against Odors, Against Limescale, Against Dirt


    • Vinegar (Acid 8%)



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