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JB Essabo Exfoliant - 120g

JB Essabo Exfoliant - 120g

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    Scrub-skin Essabó is a bath soap formulated to softly scrub skin naturally thanks to its ground almond shells and organic aloe vera. Its base is made with ecological coconut oil and olive oil.

    It is handcrafted by traditional cold saponification.

    It is ideal for all skin types.

    Certified by Bio.Inspecta according to standard BioVidaSana in Category I of the “Eco-Cosmetic Product”, which contains a minimum 95% of eco-farm ingredients.


    Almond shell is a natural skin-scrubbing ingredient that confers skin delicate softness thanks to the fatty acids of almonds. It removes dead cells from skin.

    Aloe vera moisturises and softens skin by acting as an excellent cell renewer. Owing to its profound penetration, it is a potent scar healer that combats irritation and dermatitis thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory power.

    Coconut oil is one of the best cosmetic oils used in soap making. Coconut oil is the ideal cosmetic for personal hygiene. It provides abundant soft lather with the softening and moisturising properties of olive oil, which make soap excellent for all skin types, even the youngest, and the most sensitive or atopic skins


    Body scrub-skin + bath soap

    Thanks to its ground almond shells, Scrub-skin Essabó is an ideal soap for cleaning and delicately scrubbing skin at the same time. Every now and then, good skin scrubbing removes impurities, dead cells from skin and encourages cell renewal.

    To scrub skin while taking a shower, wet the bar of soap and apply directly to your skin. Massage your body with the lather and then rinse it well with water. Then apply your usual moisturising body cream.

    Facial scrub-skin + soap for cleaning and removing make-up.

    Cleaning hands: disinfectant soap

    Correct hand hygiene is essential to prevent infection and/or contagion. Traditional “all-time” soap is the most efficient natural product to remove dirt, while caring for the most delicate skin and hands.

    Wet your hands and rub the soap between them until plenty of lather forms. Rub the palms of your hands together and intertwine fingers. Finally rinse hands with water to remove all the lather.

    Soap for aesthetic pretreatments

    It is also highly recommended to supplement any aesthetic treatment as good skin cleaning is an essential previous step to more efficiently perform any treatment. Essabó thoroughly cleans skin and makes it more receptive to cosmetics used later as part of face and body treatments.


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