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JG A Tea For The Ocean Tea TIN - 100g
  • JG A Tea For The Ocean Tea TIN - 100g

    SKU: 3582815790521

    €10.75 | Organic | Wu Long | Lemon - Mint

    • Exquisite Tea Facts


      On its base of "blue-green" tea, the colour of the ocean, this original recipe dedicated to lovers of these fascinating life basins on which we depend reveals the richness of its flavours. After an attack with lemony notes offered by ginger, the association of peppermint and rosemary, the plant of the sailors, blows a wind of freshness on this particularly deep and aromatic wu long.


      This militant wu long supports Sea Shepherd, an NGO founded in 1977 by Captain Paul Watson, which has impressed us with its commitment and, at times, spectacular action in defence of marine fauna. The organisation leads a campaign against overfishing, the use of drift nets, and for the protection of whales, dolphins, seals etc Dedicated to the survival of the oceans, it fights all the threats facing marine populations and the destruction of their habitat. Its courageous actions, particularly against poachers who loot marine sanctuaries with complete impunity, raises public awareness and make the organisation a particularly popular one.

      Our wu long tea "A tea for the ocean" has been elected "Meilleur Produit Bio" by consumers in 2023.

      Gourmet medal 2022 at the "Teas of the World" International competition organized by AVPA - Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products.



      Wu long tea*, ginger pieces*, rosemary*, peppermint* 3%, lemon essential oil* 2%, cornflower petals*. *From organic farming.
      As a WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) guaranteed company, Les Jardins de Gaïa has been committed to fair trade since the very beginning: from the tea leaf to the cup, all our practices comply with fair trade requirements. To learn more:

      How to prepare

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      4-5 min

      Classic Tasting :

      In a porcelain teapot one can make a large variety of teas and enjoy their freshness, thanks to the neutrality of the pot’s material. Used for both natural and flavoured teas.


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