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JG Cloves GROUND JAR - 40g
  • JG Cloves GROUND JAR - 40g

    SKU: 3760162881899
    €10.80 | Organic | Biodynamic
    • Enhance your Culinary Adventure!

      Try our powerful and refreshing Demeter-certified ground cloves in sweet or savoury recipes. Cloves, which are called "bird's tongue" by the Chinese who used them to refresh their mouths during the Han Dynasty, first appeared in Europe at the beginning of the Middle Ages. The flower buds of Syzygium aromaticum are picked before they open and then dried in the sun. Terra Madre ground cloves, with their warm and complex flavours, can be used to enhance the taste of gingerbreads, broths, poultry, vegetables or fruits.

      Our Demeter-certified cloves, which are grown biodynamically, come from the Sahyadri association in the mountains of Kerala in southern India and the SOFA gardens in Sri Lanka, where our partner-growers grow both spices and tea.



      Cloves**. **From organic and biodynamic farming. demeter is the brand for products from biodynamic agriculture.


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