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JG Lungful Respiratory Tea SACHET - 60g
  • JG Lungful Respiratory Tea SACHET - 60g

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    €7.75 | OrganicRespiratory / Thyme - Hyssop - Peppermint - Marigold petals
    • Exquisite Tea Facts


      Breath deeply and keep your throat clear with this soothing recipe, a blend of thyme and mint, that works wonders. Its refreshing flavours are like a spring walk in the depths of a green forest. A smooth, full-flavoured herbal tea whose aromatic powers and soothing effect on the respiratory tract are much appreciated.

      To fully enjoy the benefits of this infusion it is recommended that you adopt a healthy lifestyle and a varied and balanced diet.

      Recommended daily consumption: three 25cl cups.

      Nutritional information per 100 ml: energy 3kJ/1kcal. This infusion contains negligible amounts of fat such as saturated fat, and of carbohydrates including sugars, proteins and salt.



      Lemon thyme* (Thymus citriodorus), common thyme* 17% (Thymus vulgaris), hyssop* 17% (Hyssopus Officinalis), amaranth* (Gomphrena globosa), elderflowers* (Sambucus nigra L.), peppermint* 7% (Mentha piperita), marigold petales* 5% (Calendula officinalis), pennyroyal* (Mentha pulegium), mauve* (Malva sylvestris). *From organic farming.

      Main ingredient:

      • Oxidation rate : 0% of fermentation

      How to prepare

      • Day and night.
      • No theine.


      5-10 min


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