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MOE J.J. Kurberg Organic Chilli Vodka - 40% / 20cl

MOE J.J. Kurberg Organic Chilli Vodka - 40% / 20cl

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€12.95  Organic + Handmade Flavoured + Small Batch
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    The burning of vodka in Estonia and Livonia developed over the centuries hand in hand with the production of vodka brewed on plants and berries. The latter were made for home dressing, offering to guests or scaring away cold and humid weather. Liquors and tinctures were also made by pharmacies. The pharmacist Jakob Kurberg, who founded the Moe Fine Wine Factory in 1886, was the perfect possessor of this art. The masters of Moe Fine Wine Factory have selected some recipes for sparkling wine from the recipes of the pharmacy. Pipravin is made by hand from 100% Estonian ingredients.

    Vodka made from hot chillies (Latin: Capsicum annuum ‘Cayenne’) and made in a small artisanal batch. Vodka intended to be a real joy, which reflects both personal attention and the aroma and taste of natural ingredients. Organic chillies have been grown on the old lands of Kopra Karjamõisa in Valga County.

    Some tips on how to enjoy pepper spray

    • Clean: 4cl snap glass at serving temperature + 15C
    • Bloody Mary cocktail: 20 cl high quality tomato juice, 4 cl peppercorns, 2 lemon slices, celery stalks and ice cubes
    • Only 98 kcal in 4 cl serving

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