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MOE J.J. Kurberg Organic Hemp Vodka - 40% / 50cl

MOE J.J. Kurberg Organic Hemp Vodka - 40% / 50cl

SKU: 4742716004571
€24.95  Organic + Handmade Flavoured + Small Batch
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    Small Batch Handcrafted Vodka Infused with Hemp.

    Genuine ingredients and a lot of personal attention and care go into the production of this small batch vodka. The organic hemp (Cannabis Sativa) is grown on Tammejuure farm in Western Estonia and collected by hand after Midsummer’s Day.

    The production of vodka in Estonia has evolved over centuries and always in conjunction with what nature has to offer. Vodka infused with plants or berries was mostly produced as a medicine to survive the cold and humid weather. Pharmacist Jakob Kurberg, who in 1886 started his own boutique vodka production, was the master of infused vodkas.

    The bottle is inspired by the original pharmacy bottles used by JJ Kurberg.

    Serving: 40 ml at serving temperature + 5C

    40% Vol. 50cl


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