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OUN Dandelion-Passionfruit CELEBRATION DRINK ORGANIC - 750ml
  • OUN Dandelion-Passionfruit CELEBRATION DRINK ORGANIC - 750ml

    SKU: 4744317010494
    €10.50  Organic | Vegan | No-Preservatives | Non-Alcoholic | No Sugar Added
    • Further Information

      Limited edition CELEBRATION DRINK Cocktail expert and bartender Kristo Toming's recipe meets the knowledge of the night in this golden sparkling festive drink. Kristo Tomingas is one of the most recognized Estonian bartenders who has been active in the colorful world of cocktails and drinks for many years.

      Since Kristo is used to combining different flavors and finding more and more exciting combos, we could be sure that something special would be born from this collaboration. And that's exactly what happened!

      In the first and special limited edition sparkling golden sparkling drink, sweet and sour passionfruit and soft dandelion meet - two such different flavors that complement each other and add character to the drink. A little exotic, but at the same time cute and domestic. It is the perfect companion to celebrate all special moments.


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