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SAM Original Superfoods Organic Matcha - 100g

SAM Original Superfoods Organic Matcha - 100g

SKU: 8718591519024
Vegan | Gluten Free | 100% Organic
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    Normally, green tea comes from heating water and putting parts of leaves in the hot water. Matcha green tea is different. It is made from a fine green powder.

    This powder is the result of grinding whole leaves of green tea trees. About three weeks before harvest, these trees are covered with shade cloths, which ensure better taste and texture.

    The leaves are hand-picked, briefly steamed to keep them from fermenting, and then dried. This form of tea was originally part of a ceremony in traditional Japan. Nowadays, matcha can be included in everyday life, as it can be used for tea, but also as an ingredient in other drinks and food.

    Original Superfoods matcha powder is raw, vegan and organic. It contains caffeine, which provides energy, in combination with L-theanine, which provides relaxation without drowsiness. Matcha experts say that these two together can put you in a state of 'calm alertness'. In addition, it comes from Japan, where they are masters of the green tea tree and how to deal with it.

    Put 1 gram of matcha in a cup or a matcha bowl and add 80 ml of water for a delicious green tea, or add 1 portion of 5 grams to your smoothie, fruit juice or yogurt. You could even make ice cream with it!


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