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ZTR 75% Tanzania - Labooko 70g

ZTR 75% Tanzania - Labooko 70g

SKU: 9006403053767
€4.50  VEGAN
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    • without milk 
    • vegan 
    • produced without gluten
    • alcohol-free 


    Product Description

    Conching time: 15 hrs.

    A veritable cocoa safari! A single origin chocolate with 75% cocoa from Tanzania. This fine flavour cocoa is a Trinitario, a sublime cocoa variety with a very fruity aroma, created from Amelonado and Criollo cocoa beans. A flavour cocktail of red fruit, berries, apples, plums and tropical fruit, cultivated on small farms in Kokoa Kamili near a beautiful national park.

    Fragrance notes: spicy gingerbread accents, notes of nuts and cream, crisp notes of fruit (citrus, cherry)
    Taste notes: intense chocolatey character, accents of roasted nuts, cream, malt and molasses, expressive fruity aroma (citrus, sour cherry), fruity-tangy finish

    2 x 35 g bars


    Dark Chocolate 75%°


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