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ZTR 82% Peru Criollo Blend 70g

ZTR 82% Peru Criollo Blend 70g

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    dark chocolate

    Conching time: 20 hrs.

    This jewel of a cacao delivers a delicate and harmonious bouquet. We roast this cacao gently so that you can taste the chocolate’s unique qualities. It begins with a sublime biscuit fragrance, accompanied by mild notes of berry, then continues into a multi-layered aroma adventure. On the tongue, slightly nutty notes are replaced by praline, sweet cream, and a lightly spiced cake biscuit. The finish brings a note of raisin, enveloped by hints of grape, lemon, and olive. Nutty nuances and a slightly tingling touch of grapefruit linger on the palate.

    Criollo is one of the best cacao beans in the world, but unfortunately it has become exceedingly rare. In Peru, a vintage cacao variety has been preserved, and its fruit contains 30% of the legendary white Criollo beans. This bar is a fine cacao blend mixed by Mother Nature herself, conserving a veritable jewel of a cacao source. Enjoy this top of the range single origin chocolate with a surprisingly mild flavor despite a whopping 82% cacao content.

     Fragrance notes: biscuits, notes of berry

    Taste notes: very mild, nutty, praline, sweet cream, biscuit (lightly spiced), raisins, grapes, lemons, hint of olive. Nutty and fruity finish with a touch of grapefruit


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