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ZTR 90% Bolivia - Labooko 70g

ZTR 90% Bolivia - Labooko 70g

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    dark chocolate

    A single origin chocolate with 90% cocoa and 10% cane sugar for all those who like clear lines and don’t do compromises. It’s created with cocoa from the cooperative El Ceibo – which is only available in very small batches. We travelled to Bolivia, met up with the cocoa farmers and were given this unique cocoa. A rare cocoa privilege!

    This chocolate, with its subtle fragrance combination of wood and grapes, might at first appear reserved, but that’s just the initial impression. On the palate, you will notice a perfect combination of mild and full-bodied flavors right from the start. First, nutty and woody notes develop, accompanied by mild echoes of caramel and a lingering note of cream, enveloped by hints of licorice and coffee ahead of the fruity lingonberry finish. This chocolate’s rich and only mildly bitter character with notes of wood and a light fructose stays on the palate for a while.

    Fragrance notes: subtle notes of wood and fruit (hints of grape)
    Taste notes: nuts, (caramelized) wood, lots of cream, a hint of licorice, mild touch of coffee, lingonberries, woody finish, mildly astringent with a little bit of fructose


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