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BB Abbey St. Martin Noel Beer 8% - 330ml

BB Abbey St. Martin Noel Beer 8% - 330ml

SKU: 5411065200819
€3.95 Organic |VeganBCRS refundable 10c included
  • Further Information

    • Appearance: The beer has a dark mahogany and intense color with a light foam that lingers for a while.

    • Aroma: At first, there are notes of cinnamon and cloves on the nose, followed by hints of anise and roasted almonds. There's also a touch of warmed brown sugar, cane sugar, and rum.

    • Taste: The taste closely mirrors the aroma, reminiscent of mulled wine. The caramel flavor is present but not overpowering. Behind it, a delightful freshness brings balance to the overall experience.

    However, it's worth noting that this beer is well-suited for meals or tasting occasions. It makes a delightful accompaniment to your festive meals.


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