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BC Gunther 66% Hot Chocolate - 300g

BC Gunther 66% Hot Chocolate - 300g

SKU: 4016600113503
€8.90 Organic | Fairtrade | Glutenfree | Vegan
  • Discover More Chocolatey Facts!

    Günther drinking chocolate

    66% cocoa, raw cane sugar. That's it.  Mixes wonderfully with an espresso, is not very sweet, strong, very chocolaty and really, very grown-up. 

    Scope of delivery
    This product contains:
    300g BecksCocoa Günther drinking chocolate

    cocoa*, raw cane sugar*, sea salt

    * from certified organic farming

    Preparation Stir
    20g (2 teaspoons) into 0.25l hot whole milk. Milk foam on top, delicious!
    Dissolves in cold milk with a little more and longer stirring.
    Also suitable for preparation with almond, oat, soy, coconut and spelled milk.

    Storage instructions:
    Store protected from heat and in a dry place.


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