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JG Long Jing Well of the Dragon GREEN Tea SACHET - 100g
  • JG Long Jing Well of the Dragon GREEN Tea SACHET - 100g

    SKU: 3582810365625
    €10.95 | Organic | Fairtrade
    • Exquisite Tea Facts


      Literally “Well of the Dragon”, this original vintage, exclusively grown near banks of the famous Lake Hangzhou has a great reputation. It is characterized by its emerald colour and its smooth  and flat leaves. Like a song of a sparrow, its soft taste, ever so slightly roasted, reminds one of sweet chestnuts. An intense fresh aroma that makes it a magnificent tea!

      Country : China

      Region : Zhejiang

      Project : Da Zhang Shan (Read more)


      Green tea*. *From organic farming.
      As a WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) guaranteed company, Les Jardins de Gaïa has been committed to fair trade since the very beginning: from the tea leaf to the cup, all our practices comply with fair trade requirements. To learn more:

      Main ingredient:

      • Grade : Whole and broken leaves
      • Harvesting period: Summer harvest
      • Harvesting technique: Hand picking
      • Manufacturing process: Picking, high temperature heating, rolling, drying and packaging
      • Oxidation rate : 0% of fermentation

      How to prepare

      • Day and night.
      • Low theine.


      3 min

      Classic Tasting :

      In a porcelain teapot one can make a large variety of teas and enjoy their freshness, thanks to the neutrality of the pot’s material. Used for both natural and flavoured teas.


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