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JG White Chocolate Organic Matcha - 60g
  • JG White Chocolate Organic Matcha - 60g

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    €6.95 | Organic
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      White chocolate* with matcha designed for lovers of artisanal chocolate and green tea!

      This chocolate bar is the result of a gourmet collaboration with Cacao Experience, a small group of artisan chocolatiers. In 2019, two brothers - one a chocolate maker and the other graphic designer and illustrator - decided to join forces to found Cacao Experience, the first exclusively "bean to bar" chocolate factory in Strasbourg. Starting with the cocoa beans, selected specially for their excellent flavour, and overseeing the entire manufacturing process, they produce delicious cocoa-based products of an exceptionally high quality that fully reflect their terroir.

      Paying as much attention to the flavours as to the environment, these craftsmen work exclusively with organic raw materials. They select most of their cacao from agroforestry, sustainable agriculture that respects the land and the people who work it. They are also constantly thinking about the best types of packaging (in respect of weight, plastics, etc.).

      So you can clearly see that Cacao Experience is first and foremost the story of true connoisseurs and local businessmen who share our values. This chocolate bar is a veritable voyage of flavours with its perfect balance between the fresh and vegetal taste of prestigious Japanese green tea powder (matcha) and the creamy, milky notes of whole milk chocolate.

      Embellished with premium Sencha leaves, for a slightly crispy texture, this made in Alsace recipe is quite simply irresistible.


      * Pure cocoa butter from India (Idukki district, Go ground coop.)

      Tablet 60g


      Country : Japan


      Cocoa butter* 40%, sugar*, whole milk powder*, green teas 4% (matcha*, sencha*). *From organic farming.
      May contain traces of gluten, nuts and milk.

      Nutrition facts for 100g:
      Energy value: 2554 kJ / 650 kcal
      Total fat: 48g
      of wich satured fat: 29g
      Carbohydrate: 37g
      of wich sugar: 37g
      Protein: 8.1g
      Salt: 0,29g

      How to prepare

      Suggestion : Ideal for cooking or to nibble whenever the fancy takes you!
      Delicious with Japanese tea.


      Conservation : Store in a cool, dry place between 16°C and 18°C.


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