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BB Brunehaut Amber Beer 6.5% - 330ml

BB Brunehaut Amber Beer 6.5% - 330ml

SKU: 5411065200888
€3.75 Organic | Vegan | Gluten-FreeBCRS refundable 10c included
  • Further Information

    Look: Amber beer has a beautiful reddish hue, resembling an aged Tawny wine. The amber color is delicate and features cognac-like accents, which likely indicates a rich and complex appearance.

    Nose:  The aroma of the beer is reminiscent of a sautéed mix of pine nuts with a slight caramelized note. Additionally, there are fresh yeast aromas present, which might provide a bready or dough-like scent.

    Mouth:  Taste the biscuit followed by a discreet slightly salty caramelised note.  A lovely balance of delicate and intense flavours in this beer.

    Visually appealing, complex beer with intriguing aromas and flavours, including pine nuts, caramelized notes, and possibly some earthy or mineral undertones. Enjoy exploring the unique taste of this beer!


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