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BB Brunehaut Blonde Beer 6.5% - 330ml
  • BB Brunehaut Blonde Beer 6.5% - 330ml

    SKU: 5411065200871
    €3.50 Organic |Vegan | Gluten-FreeBCRS refundable 10c included
    • Further Information

      Nose: The beer has the typical yeast aromas expected in a beer, but it also carries additional floral notes of acacia and small white flowers. These aromas are noticeable and linger in the glass.

      Mouth: It is well-balanced, smooth, and has a rounded mouthfeel. There is a subtle presence of beeswax or pollen, which adds a unique touch to the flavour. Overall, the beer is pleasant to drink and refreshing, making it thirst-quenching.

      Combining these characteristics, it is a delightful organic, gluten-free beer with a light golden color, floral aromas, and a smooth, balanced, and thirst-quenching taste. Enjoy your beer responsibly!

      Chilled serve (3°C) / Do not shake before serving

      To be avoid : Children / Pregnant women


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