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JB Biobel Dishwasher Rinse Aid - 1L

JB Biobel Dishwasher Rinse Aid - 1L

SKU: 8421427065526
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    This rinse aid is made from 100% plant-based ingredients, which keep your dishes free from water spots and filmy residue.
    Its natural formula reduces the surface tension of the water so that it slides off rather than forming droplets. It leaves no chemical residues on the dishes, plus the formula is free from enzymes, phosphates, and substances that release chlorine - keeping your dishes shining the eco-friendly way.

    • For shiny & dry dishes
    • With natural plant-based alcohol
    • With lemon essential oil
    • Free from petrochemical ingredients & GMOs
    • Free from phosphates & chlorine
    • Vegan
    • Natural & biodegradable


    • Shake gently before use.
    • Pour the rinse aid into the appropriate compartment of your dishwasher, following the manufacturer's instructions.
    • If you notice white residue on your dishes, increase the amount of rinse aid and add dishwasher salt.

    Please note: Temperature fluctuations and exposure to light may cause visual changes to the product - this does not affect its effectiveness.


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