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BC Mocha T.E. Lawrence Hot Chocolate - 250g

BC Mocha T.E. Lawrence Hot Chocolate - 250g

SKU: 4016600113435
€8.90 Organic | Fairtrade | Glutenfree | Vegan
  • Discover More Chocolatey Facts!

    T.E. Lawrence mocha Hot Chocolate with coffee

    50% cocoa

    • Chocolate strength/body: chocolatey
    • Chocolate with coffee , Chocolate with salt , Chocolate with sugar

    The Arabic-inspired T.E. Lawrence Mocha Cocoa with Caffeine is a tribute to the Orient: refined with Turkish coffee, dates and a hint of cardamom, it awakens tired spirits. For a sweet caffeine kick in the morning, it evokes the scent of Far Eastern morning air.

    Invented for a single reason: "Everything else wasn't good enough for me !" Michael Beck, Connoisseur

    The Hot Chocolate is gluten-free.

    Preparation: Mix two teaspoons (20g) of Becks Cocoa in a glass with 0.25 ltr not too cold or warm milk (68°-72°C) and top with milk foam - enjoy ! Delicious !
    Also suitable for oat, almond, soy, coconut, spelt or lactose-free milk. Do not mix with water.

    Cocoa content: min. 50%. Criollo Bean.Hot Chocolate enjoy. If fine cocoa alone is not enough and caffeine is needed, then a T.E.Lawrence Mocha may be just the thing.


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