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EM Bathroom, Glass & Shower Cleaner SPEARMINT 800ml
  • EM Bathroom, Glass & Shower Cleaner SPEARMINT 800ml

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      Eco-Max Bathroom Glass & Shower Cleaner is a formula of potent plant-based readily biodegradable ingredients that make everyday spray and wipe cleaning of mirrors, glass, bathroom & shower surfaces. Safe for use on tiles, glass and washable hard surface areas it works brilliantly to wash away soap scum, scale, dirt and grime. You will enjoy its refreshingly pure, odour neutralizing spearmint essential oil scent. Containing no alcohol, syntheric fragrances or toxic preservatives, it is a non-toxic clean that’s easy on you and the planet. 

      How to use: Effectively and safely cleans sinks, counter tops, mirrors, glass, washroom fixtures, bathtubs, shower stalls and toilet bowls. Spray onto surface, scrub with brush, sponge or cloth and wipe or rinse clean. Not suitable for use on marble and unsealed natural stone. Rinse empty container with water and recycle.

      • High performance formula
      • Cleanest plant-based sustainable ingredients
      • Purest therapeutic essential oil scent
      • No harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or toxic preservatives
      • Safer for sensitive skin
      • Makes over 25 L of floor cleaner

      Sustainably packed.


      Introducing our fresh new bottle (that actually isn’t so new). Just like our other Enviro Bottles, it’s made using recycled plastic (a.k.a. the stuff you recycled). So, every time you take one home, you’re reducing your household’s use of virgin plastics, reducing landfill waste, and supporting the use of recycled materials for packaging.


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