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EM Frag-Free/Baby Washing-Up Liquid 4L

EM Frag-Free/Baby Washing-Up Liquid 4L

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    You will feel good about your washing-up when you experience the potent cleaning power of the readily biodegradable ingredients in Eco-Max Washing-Up Liquid.

    This Fragrance Free plant-based washing-up liquid is tough on grease but gentle on hands. Gentle enough for the whole family including  baby’s bottles, dishes, dummies and more.

    Its foaming properties provide the cleaning experience you’re used to, while Aloe vera works to moisturize your skin. It’s a non-toxic clean that’s easy on you and the planet. BUY IN BULK AND REFILL AT HOME: Each 4L bottle will refill your 740ml bottle over 5x, reducing plastic by 52% and giving you 800 bowls of washing-up!

    How to use: To wash multiple dishes in a sink, first remove food scraps from dishes. While filling the sink with water, add 5mL of washing-up liquid and agitate the water until suds form. Soak dishes for up to 5 minutes, then wash clean. Rinse empty container with water and recycle.

    Ingredients: Water, 5-15% Anionic Surfactant, <5% Amphoteric Surfactant, Non-ionic Surfactant, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate and Citric Acid.


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