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JB Biobel Washing Up Liquid Refill (by weight) - 1 Kg

JB Biobel Washing Up Liquid Refill (by weight) - 1 Kg

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1. Bring your empty containers

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    Biobel Washing-up Liquid 1L (tal-platti)

    Effective ecological washing-up liquid, scented with essential oil of lemon, which naturally cleans, removes grease and polishes all types of kitchen utensils.

    What is more, its formula contains vegetable glycerine, which is very soft on the skin, and is above all recommended for sensitive skins and hands.

    It is made exclusively with plant-sourced ingredients, without any ethoxylated or animal sourced ingredients. The ingredients are 100% naturally sourced.

    Biodegradable. Washing water suitable for irrigation use. Formula not requiring hazard warnings.

    Natural detergent certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT standard, which can be consulted at


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