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JB Essabo Shampoo Purifying
  • JB Essabo Shampoo Purifying

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    Enriched with pomegranate oil and red clay. Balances, neutralizes and regulates sebum production, without drying out your hair, while also conditioning your hair. With natural grapefruit fragrance.

    • Further Information

      Essabó Purifying Shampoo is a 100% natural solid shampoo, perfect for oily hair. Thanks to its formula enriched with pomegranate oil, red clay, and olive oil, you won’t have to worry about excess grease in your hair.

      It is crafted with natural conditioners based on carbohydrates and plant-based oils, plant-derived surfactants with powerful cleansing and foaming properties, and active ingredients that promote styling, shine, volume, and mobility in the hair.

      Certified by the NATRUE natural cosmetics standard, it undergoes a thorough audit of the entire production process, ensuring quality, traceability, and the origin of ingredients from production to the final cosmetic, including manufacturing, facilities, and documentation.


      Pomegranate oil balances the scalp’s pH, neutralizing excess oil production and strengthening the hair.


      Red clay is ideal for restoring hair moisture, eliminating toxins, and leaving the mane smooth.

      Olive oil helps the hair maintain a shiny and silky appearance by nourishing and repairing it. It provides a glossy, frizz-free look to the hair.


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