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JG Cardamom GROUND JAR - 30g
  • JG Cardamom GROUND JAR - 30g

    SKU: 3760162880083
    €7.35 | Organic 
    • Enhance your Culinary Adventure!

      Queen of spices, cardamom is the fruit of the Elettaria cardamomum picked in autumn in the rainforest and dried. Its aromatic and fresh taste will raise desserts, curries or coffee.

      The ground cardamom Terra Madre, from fair trade, comes from the Sahyadri association in the mountains of Kerala in southern India where 1,000 producers grow spices and tea.

      Indian green cardamom is the most fragrant and most sought variety. Its fresh flavour accompanies dishes, curries, desserts, fruit salads, teas...



      Green cardamon*. *From organic farming.


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