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JG Chili Tex Mex GROUND JAR - 35g
  • JG Chili Tex Mex GROUND JAR - 35g

    SKU: 3760162880762
    €4.95 | Organic
    • Enhance your Culinary Adventure!

      Inseparable of the tex-mex cooking and of some South American dishes, the chili powder will raise chili sin carne, guacamole, fajitas, red kidney beans, empanadas…Great classic of the spicy cooking! The fair trade spices (black pepper and cloves) of this blend are from the association of small producers in India and in Sri Lanka.

      Taste the heat of the Mexican spicy dishes.



      Cumin*, chili pepper*, coriander*, black pepper*, cinnamon*, cloves*. *From organic farming.


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