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JG Malabar Black WHOLE Pepper GRINDER - 50g
  • JG Malabar Black WHOLE Pepper GRINDER - 50g

    SKU: 3760162881844
    €8.20 | Organic 
    • Enhance your Culinary Adventure!

      King of spices, black pepper is the fruit of a tropical vine, picked before maturity and dried in the sun. Its yellow envelope then wrinkles and browns, giving rise to black pepper. The Malabar region, in southern India, is the historic cradle of pepper.

      Our Malabar Demeter black pepper comes from this historic cradle, in the state of Kerala, and comes from ethical trade with small producers. This organic whole black pepper, strong and spicy, will spice up all dishes with just a few turns of the mill. Black pepper, stronger than white pepper, will wonderfully season your food.


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