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Lamazuna Shampoo Solid PLUM OIL - Dry Hair 70ml
  • Lamazuna Shampoo Solid PLUM OIL - Dry Hair 70ml

    SKU: 3760319496150
    Essential Oil Free
    Zero waste, Vegan, Natural, Without Sulfates, Not Tested on Animals, PETA Approved, Sustainable.
    • Further Information

      Solid shampoo for dry hair – with plum oil

      No more dry spells for your hair, thanks to Lamazuna!

      Made with organic sunflower and plum oils, this solid shampoo protects your dry hair, while red and white clays gently care for your scalp. 

      Geranium essential oil has a soothing effect and a fresh, floral scent, so you'll feel relaxed while you shower!

      Plus, you get 25% more product for the same price as before, and even more lather! Contents: 70ml.

      How to use it

      Wet your hair, moisten the shampoo, then either apply it with your hands or rub it directly over your scalp. There's no need to apply the shampoo to the ends of your hair. Massage your scalp to work up a lather, then rinse well. It's as simple as that! 

      Precautions and storage:

      To ensure that your solid shampoo lasts for as long as possible, look after it in the same way as our other solid products. Keep it dry between uses! 

      This shampoo contains essential oils and is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for children under the age of 12. PAO: 12 months. Even though its scent is irresistible, this shampoo mustn't be eaten! 



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