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SAM PRL Premier Castor Oil - 237g

SAM PRL Premier Castor Oil - 237g

SKU: 80773501505
Vegan | Gluten-Free | Made 100% From Plants
  • Further Information

    • The World's Finest Quality Castor Oil
    • No added parabens, artificial color or fragrance, undesirable preservatives, or cheap oil additives
    • Excellent for use in Castor Oil Packs
    • Considered to be one of the finest skin emollients known
    • Called the Palma Christi ("Palm of Christ") with a history of use dating back to biblical times

    Castor oil is an ancient oil called the “hand of Christ,” and has been used for thousands of years by many cultures, especially for skin health and cleansing.

    This castor oil is sourced from India, considered to be the finest source of castor oil in the world, where many generations of growers have cultivated their fields according to ancient traditions. Premier Organic Castor Oil can be used on organic cotton flannel to make castor oil packs for excellent cleansing results.

    * Meets Our Bioresonance Criteria

     *No Added Stearates

     *Pure Vegan

     *Violite Bottle


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